Eksamenskarakter: 6..!

Dette var året da jeg skulle prøve å gjennomføre både første og andre året med matte på et år.
Bare tanken skremte meg, for det var jo tross alt jeg som satt der og felte mang en tåre i ren frustrasjon opp gjennom ungdomsskolen, for så å få nok en treer i dette fryktingytende faget. Dette året har vært fullt av angst, men også iherdig innsats og flere helger og kvelder foran matteboka. Og jeg skal ikke engang nevne angsten som vokste i meg da jeg skjønte at jeg kom til å komme opp i eksamen i matte… Jeg var så godt forberedt som jeg kunne være, men angsten gjorde at jeg ikke var sikker på om jeg kom til å klare å møte opp, og langt mindre sitte ut hele eksamen. Jeg klarte begge deler, og nå i kveld fikk jeg karakteren min: 6..!

JEG av alle mennesker fikk faktisk til å få en sekser på matteeksamen. Jeg som satt med frykt i hele kroppen på starten av året, og ikke var sikker på om jeg kom til å klare å fullføre skoleåret. Og nå har jeg både fullført to år med matte på et år, møtt opp til, gjennomført en eksamen og endt opp med toppkarakter..! Etter alt av blod, svette og tårer dette året så kan jeg faktisk både føle og si at nå, nå er jeg veldig stolt og lettet!

CrowsToes Alycone

I just love the packages from Norway Nails! They are carefully packed with gift wrap, and it just makes you feel like you are getting a gift allthough you paid for it, ha ha.
I made my order when Norway Nails had their recent sale, and I got these two babies:

Hadn`t even tried HK girl`s top coat yet, but I needed to see what all the rave was about. I must admit, I thought it would be just another average fast drying top coat, but this one dries so fast..! My nails are dry to the touch so quickly, and like it says on the bottle, it really is super shiny:D I`m so glad I tried this one! It is a bit pricy though, and I have a huge bottle of Poshe top coat, so I will still be using that for the most part. But if you want a REALLY quick drying top coat that doesn`t shrink at all, this is the one for you.

I also got CrowsToes Alycone, which was my first polish from this brand, and I was not disappointed.
As you can see, it is a blue and purple duochrome. The color change is quite visible, and I feel like i can sometimes see some green in it as well. It`s not super opaque though, and took 2-3 coats for full opacity, but I`d say its worth it. And I`m sure it would still look good if you put just 1-2 coats on top of another similar color, if the 2-3 coats is a dealbreaker for you.

Watermarble tips

The other day I felt like doing some watermarbling, but I wanted to do something different than the traditional «make flowershapes on all your nails» kinda watermarble design. So I decided to do just my tips, other than one accent nail. And it turned out to be very simple to do, with a quite pretty result. I just taped up my nails with some «french mani» stickers, and tape to cover the rest of the nail and cuticle, created a stripy pattern and dipped my nails in.


I think it`s quite a cool effect with the stripes, but you could of course create a different pattern if you try it yourself:)

Stamped chevrons

I did not know what to call this design, so stamped chevrons was the best i could think of… I mean, it is kind of like one sharp chevron-ish shaped thing… kinda? Lol, I have no idea! But I wanted to stamp part of my nails with black and white, and leave the rest this beautiful blue, and this is how it turned out.


Apart from the not so crisp and straight lines, I am pretty happy with it. What do you think?

Giddypolish Freckles

Freckles is the fifth and last of the Summer Memoirs polishes. It is a thermal nail polish, with little orange glitters in it. The base changes with temperature, from yellow to a very pale yellow/white.


It will be released, along with the rest of the collection, on my Etsy tomorrow :D 

Fall For It Giddypolish

Today I am showing you another polish from my new collection!:D  Fall for it is a thermal polish, that changes color when the temperature changes, from a light to a dark purple. This is the one in the bunch that is more of a classic dark fall kind of polish, at least when it`s cold outside;)


Summer Love Giddypolish

Today I will be showing you another polish from the upcoming Summer Memoirs collection. Meet Summer Love! Summer love is a thermal polish, with pink and purple glitter in it, that changes color from a light pink to a bright pink.


So, what do you guys think of this one? 

Pastel Party Giddypolish

The second Giddypolish that will be released on Friday is Pastel party. A white base, filled with lots of pastel colored glitters in many different shapes and sizes. A tiny pastel party on your nails:D


What do you think about this one?

Glistening Ocean Giddypolish

The first of the five polishes that will be released in my Etsy store on friday is Glistening Ocean. This is is a thermal polish that changes color, from a light blue to a deep darker blue. It also has beautilful holographic glitter in it. But enough chit-chat! The best way to show you this one is through pictures and video.


So, what do you think? Does it remind you of a blue, glistening ocean?

New Giddypolish collection!

It has been a while since I have released any new Giddypolishes, but this Friday I will be releasing a whole new collection! It is called «Summer Memoirs», and is inspired by all those sweet summer memories that we are not really ready to let go of just yet, and one polish reminding us that the fall can be quite beautiful as well.
The collection consists of 4 thermal polishes and 1 that is not a thermal polish. In this post I will be showing you bottle pictures, and then I will be posting swatches of the polishes throughout this week.


I can`t wait to show you some pictures of what these all look like on the nails, and I really hope you will like them (There might even be a video of the thermal polishes in action).
See you very soon, with some swatches!