Hairy mustache nails

Yes, I just had to do it! I`m probably the 1000000th person to do some mustache nails, but hey; they are fun. Right!?


The top coat did drag the stamping, but it kinda just made my mustaches look hairy, haha.

Purple hair!

I have been looking at lots of pictures of beautiful purple hair lately, and wanting to have purple hair myself. So last week I took the plunge, and ordered some hair dye. And by the time I got it in my mailbox this Friday, I had almost forgotten all about it. But there was no way around it: My hair was going purple! So after bleaching, trying one purple dye (which failed to color anything but the top of my head) and another one, my hair is purple! Even though it got a bit darker and brighter than what I was going for, I am really starting to like it. I need some color in my life, and now I`ve definantly got it.


It looks a bit darker/brighter in real life, but it will graduately fade anyway. What do you think? Yay or nay to purple hair?

Peach chevron

I haven`t done a chevron design in a while, so it`s about time I did one. I ended up doing a cute peach chevron, with the sephora duo polish I picked up in Greece. And of course I had to do some glitter placement, just to add a little bit of extra sparkle.
These kind of colors really make me whish summer would stick around just a little bit longer.


Estee Lauder Smashed swatch and design

When I was travelling to Greece a month ago, I found this beauty in the tax free store. It is no secret that I really love purple, and when you add beautiful micro flecks that are purple and blue, I definantly don`t like it any less! The application and brush was pretty much flawless, and I looove the way it looks on my nails.


As I usually do, when I swatch a polish and end up loving it, I added a little something extra to it. And today I felt like wearing some studs, so I pulled out my studs and nail tape, and did this:


What do you think? Isn`t this a stunning polish!?

Purple floral design

I have been quiet for a long time, due to someone close to me passing away. It`s been rough, but I really appretiate all the support I have got here and on IG! It really means a lot to me, that you have taken the time to write some kind words.

Today, I have a simple, purple floral design for you. There is not much to say, but I hope you like it.


Cinderella swatch and design

A few weeks ago, I got a nail mail with Sinful Colors Cinderella in it. At first I thought that it was such a beautiful polish, but I wasn`t sure if it would look good on me. Im not really that used to light blues, so I hesitated, and ended up taking a really long before I finally swatched it. But when I finally got around to it, I got what all the hype around this polish is about. It is a baby blue crelly, with subtle pink and orange shimmer. The shimmer gives it a little bit of extra magic, without making it too sparkly (if there is such a thing).


After an hour or two though, I just had to do something more to it. Light, plain and suble just isn`t my thing nowadays, so I ended up making a dreamy design, with my cute Winstonia owl.


Kiko 255 swatch and design

I got this beauty in a nail mail, and as soon as I laid eyes on it i was amazed. Kiko 255 is a dark purple crelly, with lots of silver and holo micro glitters in it. This one looks so gorgeous on the nail, and is really easy to work with.


Gorgeous, right!? So I just had to do a design with it, and wear it for a few days. And this is how it turned out:


Depend swatches

Today I thought I would show you a couple of Depend polishes that I picked up the other day.

Depend Nr. 362 is a light yellow creme, that is opaque in 3 coats, as most yellows. I love that it`s more of a pastel yellow, as that looks a lot better than a bright yellow with my skin tone.:


Nr 367 is a true beauty! It is a orange/coral crelly, with lots of beautiful blue flecks in it. I am so in love with this one!:


Gorgeous, right!?

Jade is the new black

OPI Jade Is The New Black is a dusty green from OPIs Hong Kong collection of 2010. So I am late with this one, but I thought it was worth posting anyway, since it is a quite unique and beautiful green. I dont think I have any others like this in my collection acctually!


Sugar Crush pt. 2

Its been a while since I posted my last Sugar Crush swatches, but here is part 2, with Pool Crush and Love Crush. I am on a neverending search for the last one I have to have from this collection: Coral Crush. But they don`t seem to have any left anywhere. Anyway, I`m so happy I got these two!

Pool Crush is a gorgeous blue textured polish. I have a thing for blues, and this is just my kind of dark but quite bright blue.


Love Crush is a coral red, with gorgeous gold and pink glitters in it. I just love the way this one sparkles in the sun!