Been a while..!

Hey guys!
It`s been a while since I posted anything here. Life just happened, and I wasn`t feeling all that motivated to keep blogging. But I thought I would start doing some nail blogging again now. While I have been away from this blog I have been posting on IG, but since not all of you are using Instagram, I thought I would show you some of my recent manis in the upcoming days. And I am starting off with this white, light pink and grey watermarble design that I did a few days ago.


I am so into watermarbling these days, although it`s really testing my patience. But if you try and try again, and get a bit lucky, the results can be amazing. And I am quite happy with the outcome of these, although the topcoat decided to make a couple of ugly bubbles. Screw you topcoat, I am posting these anyways, lol.

Orly Royal Navy + design

Orly Royal navy is a gorgeous blue jelly, with light blue flecks in it. It is more pigmented than a lot of other jelly polishes, so it is opaque in two coats. But it dries semi matte so you will want to add a top coat, like I have done in the picture below.

Also, I got 3 cheeky plates in the mail yesterday, so I just had to play with them. This is some Cheeky C images, stamped with Essence Icy Princess, and in the bottom picture I have added Essie Matte About You on two of the nails.

There will definantly be more designs from my new Cheeky plates soon!


I saw this beautiful design at @jewsie_nails at instagram, so I got inspired and just had to try to do something like it. Now, glitterplacement can be a real test of your patience, but it usually turns out good if you are patient enough. And I am quite happy with the result of this one:


Glitter AND butterflies… You can`t go wrong with that, right!?


Porchester Square swatch and design

When I was in Greece this summe, I got my hands on the beautiful nude; Porchester Square, from Nails Inc. I have no complaints about this one. Acctually, it might just be one of my favourite nude polishes, in the not so pink end of the nude scale.


And as «allways», I did a design with it too. And this time I ended up doing some simple stamping, as well as adding a texture accent nail, with Zoya Dahlia.


I just love how Dahlia looks with these colors! I am still in love with texture polishes, and the Zoyas are all so pretty, so I wish I had more of them. I am on a no buy these days though, so that will just have to wait. Unless anyone is up for some nailmail swapping?

Going green with lack of spring

We have finally had our first cold night, with -1 degrees celsius, and somehow I end up doing a spring design. I am acctually loving the fact that fall is here though. With all the cozy nights inside in front of the fireplace,  the warm coats and sweaters and all the beautiful colors outside, the fall season is definantly one of my favourites.


It might be a typical spring design, but I am all for playing around with all different kinds of colors and themes, regardless of what season it is. Your mood should decide what you want to wear and show the world, right!?

An unlikely floral combo

When I think of floral nails, or color combos for that kind of design, red and navy blue isn`t really the first thing that comes to mind. But somehow I looked at my untrieds and decided that these would be good together, and I kind of like the result.


A dotted/floral mani will qickly turn overly cute, but with these colors I don`t think you get that feeling. What do you think?

Cloud mani + blonde hair

Since the last time I posted, this happened:


Yeah, I`m a blonde now, but I won`t be for all that long. My purple hair was not fading the way I was hoping, and parts of it was turning green, due to the fact that some of the hair underneath the purple wasn`t white enough. So here I am, with totally platinum white hair… Not reeeaally feeling it myself, but I will keep it like this for a few days, till I get my hair dye in the mail, and spend the time treating it with coconut oil and conditioner. It really needs some care after all that bleaching, and maybe a bit of a haircut when I get around to it. But I can`t wait to see how it turns out!

I also did a little cloud mani, that I thought I would show you. Cloud manis are so simple to do, even without any extra brushes or anything like that. So It`s the perfect design to do when you don`t want to spend a lot of time on something complicated, but still want it to be a bit different than just a plain one-colored manicure.

The purple really makes me miss my hair though, lol.


Even though we are having amazing temperatures here, and it still kind of feels like summer outside, I am starting to reach for my darker fall colors. But how can I not, when I have this gorgeous Sephora among my untrieds!?


(Oh yeah, there is a lot of spillage on the bottle, as there was some casualties amongst the polishes in my suitcase.)
And, with some added sparkle, this is what I ended up with:


The first word that comes to mind is «POW!»… So, I guess I`m not in the mood for dark and mellow after all.

Hair matching watermarble

So, since I have this fun purple hair color now, I thought I should do some nails to match it. My hair is sort of a gradient of light and dark purple, and since I thought those colors might blend quite a bit if I did stamping, I needed to do something else for once. Boo, I`ve become a stampoholic!
After a while of hesitating, because of all the mess that I knew would follow, I poured water in a paper cup and got to work. It was watermarbling-time! Now, I really don`t like the mess that comes with watermarbling, but it is a really fun technique to practise. Not to mention that the real watermarbling pros get so beautiful results, that you can`t help but dreaming of achieving that yourself. After a lot of cleaning up, this is what I got:


I`m really happy with the way that the pointer, and middle finger turned out. And with the fact that they match my hair, these are acctually staying on for a couple of days.

What do you think?

Hairy mustache nails

Yes, I just had to do it! I`m probably the 1000000th person to do some mustache nails, but hey; they are fun. Right!?


The top coat did drag the stamping, but it kinda just made my mustaches look hairy, haha.