Cloud mani + blonde hair

Since the last time I posted, this happened:


Yeah, I`m a blonde now, but I won`t be for all that long. My purple hair was not fading the way I was hoping, and parts of it was turning green, due to the fact that some of the hair underneath the purple wasn`t white enough. So here I am, with totally platinum white hair… Not reeeaally feeling it myself, but I will keep it like this for a few days, till I get my hair dye in the mail, and spend the time treating it with coconut oil and conditioner. It really needs some care after all that bleaching, and maybe a bit of a haircut when I get around to it. But I can`t wait to see how it turns out!

I also did a little cloud mani, that I thought I would show you. Cloud manis are so simple to do, even without any extra brushes or anything like that. So It`s the perfect design to do when you don`t want to spend a lot of time on something complicated, but still want it to be a bit different than just a plain one-colored manicure.

The purple really makes me miss my hair though, lol.

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